Project AMBI [VAL] ENTSPHERE by Darina Žurková is a platform/ensemble/form of an artistic expression which focuses on experimental and alternative music and interdisciplinary projects across genres.  The platform collaborates with various artists across different artistic fields in an attempt to create their ambivalent environment of sound atmospheres and to discuss contemporary and experimental music, environmental and sound art.

Project was founded in the fall of 2014, originally under the name Onaaonidva*. From the initial attempts at several experimental pop and jazz pieces, the platform gradually profiled and penetrated further into unspecified levels of alternative musical production, performances, installations and interdisciplinary projects (AMBI [VAL] ENTSPHERE, 2016 - ongoing). Its work reflects elements of electroacoustic performance, experimental music, field recordings and vocal expression of various standard or anomalous situations. 

*The founding members of the former Onaaonidva ensemble are Darina Žurkováauthor of the project and music composer (mainly performs prepared piano, non-standard voice and electronics, installations); Václav Vrobel - text field of the project (mainly performs standard voice and percussion); Marek Dufek - bass of the project (mainly performs double bass and bass guitar).




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